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Tuna Bagels
(Pop-up only)

Looking for a delicious and unique meal option? Try our Tuna Bagels! Our chewy bagels are filled with a special tuna salad. The secret ingredient? Tangy-sweet Japanese mayonnaise that adds a unique flavour to the mix. We top it off with rich umami flavour nori, which perfectly matches with the tuna filling. 

White Wheat Flour, Water, Sugar, Butter (Milk), Whole Milk Powder, Salt, Yeast, Malt Extract (Barley), Nori (May contain Molluscs, Crustaceans, Fish, Peanuts and Nuts)
Tuna(Fish), Mayonnaise(Soy, Barley, Mustard), Onion, Pepper

Washes for bagels: either Eggs or Thickener (hydroxypropylated Dialmidon Phosphate (e1442))

Free shipping over £50.00

Minimum order value £9.00

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