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Black Sesame Bagels
(Pop-up only)

Our amazing black sesame bagels! Not only do they an ultra black colour that will blow your mind, but they're also made with natural charcoal powder that's packed with health benefits. And let's not forget about the delicious toasted and ground black sesame seeds that give these bagels an unbeatable flavour and aroma. 
*The colour of it is
100% natural, no artificial food colouring involved.

White Wheat Flour, Water, Whole Milk Powder, Sugar, Butter (Milk), Black Sesame Seed, Charcoal Powder, Salt, Yeast, Malt Extract (Barley)

Black Sesame Seed, Sugar, Butter (
Milk), Condensed Milk, Whole Milk, Whole Milk Powder

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Minimum order value £9.00

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